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Angela Merici’s spirit is alive and well today in Ursuline education. Over 30 countries of the Ursulines of the Roman Union have schools and colleges, educational institutions, which are alive with values of Serviam (I will serve), Gospel justice, respect for the individual, the development of the whole person, and a growing global awareness for all of God’s creation.


In 2009, during the Enlarged General Council, a meeting of the General Council of the Uruslines of the Roman Union (the international Leadership Team) with the Provincials (the Regional leaders), the proposal was made that a “series of papers be published to form a source document for all those presently engaged in Ursuline Education….” Many years ago, in 1946, a book written by M. Marie de St. Jean Martin, The Ursuline Method of Education, inspired generations of educators. The creation of a new document for “…the future formation of those working in Ursuline schools and colleges” was felt to be necessary. The 2009 proposal was enthusiastically approved and its organization moved forward.


A small international editorial committee was established by the General Council, consisting of Ursulines and a lay collaborator. In this committee the four regions of the Roman Union of Ursulines are represented: Africa, the , Asia/Pacific and Europe . The members of this committee are


Sr. Lois Castillon osu (USA), representing the

Mr. Jacques Ducamp (France), representing Europe

Sr. Ellen Mary Mylod osu (Taiwan), representing Asia/Pacific

Sr. Timothy Pinner osu (South Africa), representing Africa


The committee members gathered in 2010 and 2011 in Rome for their meetings. They proposed the SYMBOL of the TREE, with its roots, trunk, and branches, for presenting articles from all the regions, written by colleagues representing our Ursuline schools and colleges in different parts of the world.


The ROOTS, a source of life, will include articles on Angela’s spirituality and life; and aspects of Ursuline education and history.


The TRUNK, drawing life from the roots, will offer articles which focus on core values and on profiles of Ursuline educators and students.


The BRANCHES will present articles which express the lived realities of the core values in various schools and colleges worldwide.


This project moves forward in stages. The first stage becomes available on the website of the Ursulines of the Roman Union, beginning November 25, 2011, the anniversary of the foundation of the Company of St. Ursula by Angela Merici in 1535. It is being offered to all collaborators of the Ursulines of the Roman Union, with gratitude for the educators who live out and transmit the spirit of St. Angela in our Ursuline schools and colleges worldwide. The address of the website of the Ursulines of the Roman Union is www.ursulines-ur.org 




 * Source Documents of Ursuline Education - Part 1  (2011) 


 * Source Documents of Ursuline Education - Part 2 (2012) 


 *  Reference Books




Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel in Praise of Jesus Stone Carving of St. Angela Meric

Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary

Chapel in Praise of Jesus

Stone Carving of St. Angela Meric